While there is almost a consensus at the point that one of the main reasons
for the decline of Islamic societies in the last few decades is the big
lack in education; no healthy roadmap for how to overcome this problem
could be established.
While it is possible to bring the historical background of the discussions
on education to the last days of the Ottoman Empire, the current education
policies applied during the constitution of the Republic composes
the essence of today’s debates.
The point that the existing education system is predicated on positivist
values, that it is far from national and spiritual values, that a common sense
and understanding can not be created, that new generations can not be
rescued from the infidelity and it can not keep them away from immorality,
selfishness, animosity, violence and terror are very burning questions.
Also how to carry the virtues such as ingenuity, virtue, morality, unity and
solidarity, love and urge within the education system in to effect are sought.
The “Medresetuzzehra” project, which is being discussed as an education
project and recently officially planned to be opened as a university, will
shed light on many controversial issues. Bediüzzaman’s Medresetuzzehra,
one of the reasons for his arrival in Istanbul, deserves to be discussed as a
‘civilization project for the future of mankind’ because of its universal characteristics.
Bediuzzaman Said Nursî identified the three great enemies of Islamic
societies as ‘ignorance, poverty and dissension and determined the troubles
of not only the region he lived in but the entire Islamic World. Also he
made serious suggestions for the construction of a new future. In this context,
Medresetuzzehra, which is an education project of art, craft and alliance,
have become a matter to be discussed as a civilization idea.
Medresetuzzehra consists of the principle that religional and physical
sciences must be taught together and it has some distinguishing characteristics
that can abolish the destructive effects of positivism and materialism
on the understanding of Islamic society. Transcending the school-madrasah-
dervish lodge conflict, Medresetuzzehra reconciles the religion and
science on the same line; cuts off the root of nationalistic illness; restores
the link between man and his creator, and make mankind see the universe
full of letters and words which talk about the Creator.
The times which Bediüzzaman Said Nursi came to Istanbul and offered
his project to the sultanate was the years that the modern universities were
being opened. At this point, whether the model Bediüzzaman wants to establish
is only a university project is a matter of debate. What is the difference
of the Medresetuzzehra from the universities that have already been
established and disseminated in the conditions of that period is a subject
to be cleared. Also the difference between the current university processes
and Bediüzzaman’s Medresetuzzehra in terms of administration, income
sources, student acceptance, curriculum and methods of teaching should
be compared.
It is also an important question that What Bediuzzaman’s Medresetuzzehra
expresses on the future of the disjoined Islamic societies. In this respect,
it should be examined how the Medresetuzzehra will contribute to
overcoming the ‘today’s crisis of civilization’ which is expressed by many
thinkers and how it will contribute to the World-wide peace where continuous
war and conflicts are fueled.
Another important issue is how the Medresetuzzehra will be adapted to
our existing education system or what its position will be. Because the educational
curriculum in our country is based on “General Objectives and Basic
Principles of National Education” which is criticized as being away from
contemporary education concept including ideological approaches. How to
implement a program to prepare individuals according to the soul of time
in the face of a system that is far from satisfying today’s needs and inadequate
in terms of social reconciliation; how a system that will not ignore the
dimension of morality, lore, wisdom and virtue must be examined through a
visionary view and how the Medresetuzzehra as a content and method will
contribute to our education system should be evaluated.
Taking these into account, we have determined the file of our 140th issue
as “Medresetuzzehra”. We decided to discuss the terms “Medresetuzzehra,
University, The science of religion, science, religion, teaching, morality,
virtue, the book of universe, positivism, school, madrasah, the exterior
and interior means of the things, teacher, student, YÖK, National Education
Basic Law, contemporary education, Islamic Unity, Worldwide peace,
We have also organized a workshop on the ‘Medresetuzzehra’ with the
contributions of the Risale-i Nur Institute in the light of the topics we
draw on the frame. You can also read the joint conclusion report at the end
of this issue. We hope that such efforts will become widespread as we hope
that it will contribute to the understanding of the Medresetuzzehra. We are
hoping to be with you on the same subject in the future as we leave you alone
with our magazine.