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Kardeşlik Hukuku ve Akrabalar Arası Dava Hakkı – Prof Dr. Ahmet BATTAL




The secular legal system excludes the issues and obligations of the Hereafter
and draws a boundry saying that “the agreements and demands that are
contrary to morals are also contrary to the law”. But the Islamic law, which
is the law that the believers of the Hereafter and the Day of Judgment aims
to adopt and try to apply, does not assume that rights and dues will be taken
only in this world. Islam, on the one hand, regulates the rights those can be
obtained within the legal order and demanded by the state in this world. As
a raligion that considers the human nature; Islam, via its law and legal orders,
draws the moral boundaries to claiming rights activities among the neighbours
and kins corresponding to the character of these relations and law of
religional brotherhood. This article focuses on these limits.
Keywords: The Right to Bring a Lawsuit Against Kins, Right, law of religional
brotherhood, right of parents




The law of Islamic brotherhood and the right
to bring a lawsuit against kins



While veiling literally means “to cover, to hide”, as a term it conveys the
meaning “to cover and protect physically and spiritually the body parts that
men and women should cover and protect according to the Islamic belief. ”
The veil, which is ordered as worship in the religion of Islam, has many wisdoms
and purposes. This modest study plans to address the wisdom and purpose
of the veil in a concise way. In the study, it is concluded that the veil is
suitable for the human nature; and also many wisdoms and purposes of the
veil for the individual, family and society are briefly mentioned.
Key Words: veiling, wisdom, purpose, Islam