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  • Ethnic Problems in South-east and Solution Approachs

    The concepts of East and South-east signify a geographical region and direction in our minds. However, they mark in our ideological and political lives different areas. Our country is an […]

  • Conservatism

    The concept of conservatism may be defined as 'keeping the status quo'. This concept is not a well-grounded concept in Turkey, and therefore its content and variations need to be […]

  • Human Rights

    Human being is the most perfect fruit of the tree of creation which possesses all of the rights granted by the Exalted God to every member of the human family […]

  • Ethics

    The ethical behavior conduct is one of the most important features of the human being which distinguishes it from other creatures. We can define it as "the sum of the […]

  • Anarchy and Terror

    Anarchism is an instrument and philosophy of destruction definable as the violent movements against the integrity of a society, and against the authority and self-respect of a state. Anarchism has […]

  • Christianity

    Religion becomes one of the basic elements of human life after the existence of human being in the world. On the one hand, "religion" is a social institution, which has […]

  • Justice

    "Justice" is a deontological concept which has been sought by the humanity since Adam and emphasized particularly by Holy Books. One of the four basic concepts of the Qur'an is […]

  • Guidance (Hidayath): The Era of Religious Tendency

    The phenomenon of "belief" as being one of the basic elements of the human nature has emerged in several forms in the history of mankind. In this respect, Islamic Theology, […]

  • Civil Society & Communication

  • Religion and Science

  • Endless Slavery: Poverty