The Islamic Brotherhood, which expresses belonging to the same religious
and belief values, corresponding to an emphasis on fraternity in the
Islamic literature that transcends blood relation, is a Qur’anic concept representing
the spirit of unity and solidarity between persons and groups.
Throughout the history of Islam and in the frame of the meaning expressed
by the Qoranic verse “All believers are only brothers”; it is possible to see
the rare seen photographs of brotherhood, unity and cooperation, solidarity
and love in the Islamic world. However, in the past few centuries it has become
clear that some critical events that occured in the Islamic world and
which are clearly contrary to the basic provisions of the Qur’an and contrary
to the fundamental provisions, attitudes and behaviors that can not
be reconciled with the Islamic brotherhood, in addition the violations and
controversies seen in every field proposed the Islamic Brotherhood to our
agenda again.
Provisions in the Qur’an those emphasizing the brotherhood of the believers
point to a unity of faith, purpose and behavior. At this point, the
sense of Islamic brotherhood is accepted as the basis of the social dynamics
of Islam. By emphasizing the Islamic brotherhood;. İt is aimed to prevent
the conflicts and wars that arise from the ethnic, social and cultural differences.
When the brotherhood spirit is not sustained protected, the Islamic
geography has become open to external influences and attacks; ethnic, sectarian,
social and cultural differences have also been the cause of internal
conflicts. In this context, the questions of how the “Islamic brotherhood”,
which can hold the Islamic world together and gather them around a common
spirit and consciousness , will be passed on again and of how religious,
moral and human duties will be fulfilled as a requirement of the Qur’anic
The search for the re-establishment of the Islamic brotherhood, which
has been best practiced as a sublime concept in “Asr-i Saadat – The Golden
Age”; triggers to talk about the concepts like Ittihad-ı Islam (Islamic
Unity), World Peace, Autocracy, Freedom, Justice, Democracy, Family
and Education. The lack of even one of these complementary pieces leads
to an alienation to the truths and practices of The Golden Age, which the
Islamic world has longed for, and the fault lines between Islamic societies
are deepening day by day.
Facing these problems; the clarifications developed by Bediuzzaman
Said Nursî on the Islamic brotherhood and world peace in the frames of
fraternity, love, world peace, solidarity, unity and cooperation, constructive
movement, liberty and justice in terms of Qur’anic view will shed light on
the solution of the problems that are experienced.
Among the causes of backwardness of Islamic societies, Bediüzzaman
Said Nursî regards “Non-awareness of the holy ties that bind believers together
and love to hostility diseases”; and emphasizes that one of our three
great enemies is called ‘dissention’. Bediüzzaman Said Nursî, saying ” Your
Creator, Owner, Object of Worship, and Provider is one and the same for
both of you; thousands of things are and the same for you. Your Prophet
(UWBP), your religion, your qibla are one and the same; hundreds of
things are one and the same for you. Then too your village is one, your state
is one, your country is one; tens of things are one and the same for you” indicates
the reasons of Islamic unity, oneness, fraternity, love; and draws attention
to the potency of brotherhood of Islamic societies.
In the past months, the Risale-i Nur Institute organized the 13th Risale-
i Nur Congress with the title of “Islamic Brotherhood and World
Peace in the Axis of Liberty and Democracy in the texts of Risale-i Nur
Collection”. In the table works, the concepts of ittihad-i Islam (Islamic
Unity), liberty, democracy, world peace, education and family were discussed
around the concept of Islamic brotherhood. We would like to share
with you some of the papers presented at the 13th Risale-i Nur Congress.
We hope to be with you on the same issue in the future as we leave you
alone with our magazine.

İslam Kardeşliği
BAHAR / 2018
BAHAR / 2018