We are facing a global financial crisis which is expected to
cause serious changes in our country and all around the world. Uncovering the
reasons and the consequences of this crisis is very important for the future of
the humanity. An interdisciplinary discussion will be needed when we talk about
the main reasons of the global financial crisis.

Is it possible to consider the dramatical changes during the
human history as the result of the unending greed, ambitions and hedonism of the
human? In this context, it is hopeful to hear that the spiritual leader of the
Roman Catholic World, the Pope is describing the financial crisis as “a divine
warning” and underlining the faults of the materialist philosophy. On the other
hand, Bediuzzaman is saying that the calamities which force people into positive
changes are very promising for the future of the humanity and he is mentioning
about the First World War and its reasons and consequences in his article named
as “An address in a Dream” by saying “Happiness can be derived even from
calamities”. According to him, the worst disasters of the human history, the
World Wars are also prepared the conditions for some changes which will bring
the eternal happiness for them. In this context, how can we associate the crisis
and the secularism which is one of the main problems of Islamic societies? What
is the role of the civilization vision which caused the corruption of the
ethical values of humanity and society as Bediuzzaman also pointed, in this kind
of crisis? How can we struggle with the dissipation which is common all around
the world and with the traditions which converts the unneccesary needs into
essentials? What is waiting for humanity after the crisis? What will be the
features and the conditions of the new age which is waiting for humanity?

Considering all of these facts, we determined our cover subject
as global financial crisis and we published some of the articles which had been
declared during “The Congress of Global Crisis and the Economy Vision of Said
Nursi” which is held by Risale-i Nur Institute in Istanbul in 21-22 March 2009.
In this congress, the above mentioned subjects had been discussed in all
respects by five councils in the light of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s thoughts.

With the hopes that the global economic crisis which negatively
affected the whole world will create a new world depending on grace, morality
and justice and will bring new conditions for ideas which will bring happiness
for humanity, we want to present you the papers and the conclusion declaration
which had been declared during “The Congress of Global Crisis and the Economy
Vision of Said Nursi” and we remind you that this subject will be continued in
our next issue.