Bediuzzaman in his perception of civilization presents a road map leading to peace for the mankind confronting great problems in various areas. The phenomenon conceptualized by Bediuzzaman as the Quranic Civilization brings new dimensions to the civilization, which has been the subject matter of different perceptions and definitions throughout the history of thought.

The 7th Congress of Risale-i Nur organized by Risale-i Nur Institute jointly with the International University of Sarajevo in March 2012 was a sci¬entific study where the fundamental principles and different dimensions of the Quranic Civilization have been investigated. Some of the papers presented in the Congress carried out in five sessions were published in the previous volume of our journal. We share with you, in the present volume, the rest of the presen¬tations, the declarations of the sessions and the proceedings.

The understanding of the Quranic civilization decorated with universal values contains principles that present all mankind happiness, comfort, and pe¬ace. On the other hand the understanding of the secular civilization of our age that is devoid of divine messages, is based on principles such as power, interest, clash, racialism, and entertainment, and thus leads mankind to unrest.

One of the most important issues discussed nowadays by thinkers is the theories concerning the future of mankind. Mankind standing at the cross¬roads will either insist on an understanding of civilization that carries on a materialistic order devoid of moral values and overwhelmed by poverty, war, and injustice and that may cause an early doomsday; or will accept a new ci¬vilization that will lay the foundations of societies of love and peace with the universal principles of truthfulness, justice, helping each other, cooperation and brotherhood, and which will succeed in getting humanity to attain peace. The endeavors of reviving the Quranic civilization are gaining importance for the second way. In this context Bediuzzaman’s bringing new dimensions to Qura¬nic civilization and his efforts to revive it need to be understood in terms of the peaceful future of mankind.

In this respect the 7th Congress of Risale-i Nur puts forward the op¬portunities of a world where mankind is able to survive in a true freedom and peace, without being slaves of material, and to maintain good relations with the Creator. We hope this congress to pave the way for the truths that will bring peace to mankind.

We anticipate addressing you with a file on “A New Constitution” in the next volume of our Journal.