Köprü is living the happiness and pride of reaching the 150th issue in
its publishing life, which it started with the aim of being bridge to “knowledge,
lore and civilization”. Having an exceptional stand in idea-journalism
in Turkey; Köprü undertakes as a duty to draw attention to the problems
of humanity in the views of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s opinions and
being able to offer solutions by evaluating the issues from the perspective
of Risale-i Nur. In this respect, we believe that Köprü both contributes significantly
to our intellectual life and opens new doors to our moral world,
which has become depressed.
It is a frequently mentioned issue that our world, which is changing
rapidly, differentiating in socio-cultural fields and transforming with technological
developments, faces new problems, especially that it faces new
questions about the existence and purpose of creation of humanbeing. In
this context, Köprü, which managed to draw attention to the problems experienced
in every field, aims to be a guide to the modern age people who
seek answers to questions about the existence of Allah, the meaning of life,
the purpose of creation and the nature of man. At this point, the examination
of Risale-i Nur’s approach and ideas in every field is one of the main
starting points of the Bridge. In this respect, Köprü also performs an important
task by supporting the researches related to Risale-i Nur and by attracting
the attention of academicians to the main issues in Risale-i Nur.
Köprü that researched on the Turkey’s essential problems as religion-
State-political relations, Turkey’s Democratization Problems, Democracy,
Freedom, Justice, Constitution, Monarchy and Republic, Nationalism,
Alavism, Kurdish Question, Communities, Education; it also drew
attention to the basic problems faced by the Islamic world and humanity
around issues such as the Islamic Union, the Middle East, Civilization,
the European Union, Human Rights, Global Economic Crises, Terrorism,
Faith, Morality, Art, and Modernization. In addition, Köprü carried
out works that can be regarded as an annotation of Risale-i Nur with
special issues such as “The Third Said, The Language of Risale-i Nur, Hutbe-
i Şamiye, Debate, and A Sermon in a Dream”. Also, Köprü has the same
determination to reach many ten years in especially the way to an ideal
broadcasting in Turkey.
Addressing the problem of liberty in the 150th issue is a good impression
that also coincides with the basic purpose of Risale-i Nur truths, of
which Köprü Magaine tries its ideas to spread. Said Nursî, who flags freedom
by saying “I live without bread, I cannot live without freedom”, sees
freedom as a fundamental feature of faith, says “You, Shariaic Fredom! You
are inviting in such a great, beautiful way…”; He also sees the freedom as a
source of progress and evolution of humanity. He describes freedom as “not
to leave someone else under persecution by domination and despotism and
arue againsy the oppressors”; so ignites the torch of liberty in hearts. For
the purpose of this torch to illuminate our country and the humanity; In
this issue, we include the articles presented in the Hürriyet seminars organized
by Risale-i Nur Institute Ankara Branch throughout the year. While
leaving you with our magazine, we hope to be with some of the works sent
to the article contest titled “Islamic Communication Methods” organized
by the Risale-i Nur Institute.