In the Islamic literature, the advertising, which means the information
delivered by the prophets that they receive through regligious revelation
has a wide range of meanings and applications with concepts such as the
act of showing the true path, guidance to the right way, call for goodness
and to retrain from the evil.
It is a religious obligation that a religion must be understood and lived
by its members, as well as it is reached the masses. This is also a historical
reality for all religions. Throughout history, it has been an important question
about the methods and principles around which the worldly and otherworldly
principles of religion can be conveyed to people around issues
such as finding the “right way” in the worldly life, obtaining the happiness
in this world and in the hereafter, and gaining the approval of Allah.
Especially with the technological developments in our age, socio-cultural
changes have brought different methods to advertise religion to people.
This difference brings the discussions about which methods are correct.
When historically examined, it is seen that the methods of proselytizing
Islam vary. Especially in the last century, political movements and groups
of violence that emerged in the Islamic world make the questions of how
to explain Islam in accordance with its essence and in the most accurate
way, and increase the search for ways and methods suitable for the perception
of the century.
At this point, we believe that it is necessary to examine the Risale-i Nur
movement, which includes the aims of “developing the truths of faith”,
“showing the right Islam and the righteousness worthy of Islam” and directly
connecting itself with the Golden Age. This issue aims to reach the
definition of the ideal service method for today’s people with the title of
“Islamic Religional Service Methods” and to reveal the place of “Risale-i
Nur’s method” in this definition. As Köprü Magazine, we previously covered
this issue in our 63rd issue. Based on the importance of the subject,
we discussed the “Islamic Religional Service Methods” again in the “Köprü
Magazine Article Contest” organized around the same issue. Participants
in this contest, especially young people who want to work in the academic
field, examined the relevant issue and wrote a new article on the same subject
and participated in our contest. You can read some of the articles submitted
to the competition in this issue.
As we leave you alone with our magazine, we hope to be with you in the
next issue of “Family”.