In the previous edition which we discussed the “the democracy process
of Turkey” we mentioned about the original comments of Bediuzzaman about constitutional
monarchy-republic, democracy and freedom concepts and we searched answers to the
following questions: “What is constitutional monarchy, republic and democracy concepts?
What is the main problems of Turkey’s democracy and its breaking points? What is
the relation between Islam and democracy? What is Bediuzzaman’s view about constitution,
democratic state governed by the rule of law, equality, justice and freedom? What
is the relation between civil society and democracy in terms of political science?

One of our main point of origin was our awareness about the lack
of acknowledge about the concepts, although the argumentations about republic (constitution),
democracy and freedom date back to one hundred and fifty years in our political
culture. Doubtless, in a single volume, it is not possible to solve and discuss
all the problems which are coming from a deficient democracy movement according
to the individual, social, economic and political parameters of last hundred and
fifty years process. For that reason, after the previous edition which was a wish
for a Turkey surrounded by democracy, justice, freedom, peace and humanely values,
we decided to discuss the same subject in our 104th volume. As Kopru Magazine, considering
the recent hard days on democracy path, for attracting attentions again and again
to the democracy concept and Bediuzzaman example, we contunied to discuss the subject
in the light of the following notions: “Constitution, republic, democracy, democratisation,
freedom, statism, authoritarianism, rule of law, human rights, justice, European
Union, civil society”.

In this volume, generally, you will find the following subjects
on the magazine: “The features of modern-freedomist democracy, the contribution
of Said Nursi to the democracy idea and his views on these subjects, the meaning
of Munazarat which is a hundred years democracy manifest, the true point of view
of democratic and laicist state to the religion and the role of judgement in democracy
process. There will be also unrelated articles from the cover in this volume. We
hope to make a positive contribution to the democratisation process with this volume.

While we are leaving you alone with our magazine, we hope to be
with you in the incoming volume with the “Constitution” cover.